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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Do cashpoints get hungry?

Today a Clydesdale cash point ate my debit card because, according to my bank (HBOS) 'card services' department "The bank which operates that cashpoint was worried about the security of that cashpoint and to avoid a potential fraud it closed down and retained your card"

1. Why not close the cashpoint before I started my transaction?
2. If there is a skimming device (and I didn't see anything which looked like one) why allow me to put the card in and enter my PIN before shutting down?

These are points I may be raising with HBOS and Clydesdale by letter. For once I even had sufficient funds in my account!

The cashpoint was in a Clydesdale bank wall..... thankfully my bank is now open Saturday's a mile away so I went there to get it sorted over the phone. still takes 7 days for a new card to come (odd given that Play.com can manage next day delivery), but they were able to give me cash based on photo ID and my having a credit card with the same bank.


Elaine said...

Would you believe that today I received a mailing with four cheques to use against mny credit card?

Quite apart from the current credit crisis, how many people know that, if you use one of those cheques, the amount used has interest charged with immediate effect (no days of grace here!)

dr_dyb said...

ah another HBOS customer... mine arrived yesterday and were binned. The accompanying letter did say they charged you immediately (as with a cash withdrawal) but also they charge you at 29.99% for cheques and IIRC cash.....