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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A strange week

More on London later in the week when i catch up with myself.

Monday was a day of ante natal clinic and then Gynae theatre (of which more later). After this I got a text from Butcher Boy asking if I fancied a trip to Ayr that night as he needed to go there........given my main plans at that point were an evening off, I said I was free and my car was at his convenience if he bought me a Maccy D's....so I picked him up outsode his work at 7.

The roads down to Ayr was empty. just as we rolled round the Ayr bypass, he sugegsted Pizza instead.... so after getting down and him doing what he needed to, we went to get a Pizza Hut atke away.....after not really getting lunch (or breakfast), and late night sudnay, that pizza was good.... and the irony of eating a chicken pizza whilst watching Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall going on about animal welfare was not lost on me.

Tuesday was less fun though. After getting back from my placement to the West End, I had a pre-meeting about my next SSM (more later) and then found that the rear tail-lights were not working in my car..... after a 2hr wait for the AA man (or actually his subcontractor), they don't carry bulbsm, which is what the problem turned out to be. So he put the bulb from reversing light into tail lights so I could drive it yesterday, then I made it home for 10pm for the second day in a row!

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