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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pivotal month?

Far be it from me to declare any month as more important than it's colleagues, but.... Feb 2010 is pretty important to me - career-wise at least.

These pretty much fill February - writtens w/c 8th and OSCE w/c 22nd & 1st Mar. Nuff said - they decide if I graduate, if I have resits etc etc etc. This means that much of the rest of the month is built around revision.

Last Med Student Block
.........................Hopefully! This should be signed off tomorrow, again hopefully with a 10/10 pass. The coursework is all uploaded so everything on that side of things looks ok.

Programme details
Hopefully I find out which programme I will be on next year for Fy1 jobs. This is step 2 of the 3 stage 'find me a job' process. Step one assigned me to Scotland Foundation School, and Step 2 will allocate me (hopefully) to one of my top ten choices of programme (or I go into 2b where I have to re preference the remaining vacancies).

Much of the above is tentative and 'hopefully' and just to tempt fate I am planning as if I will pass!!


Dragonfly said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...
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Lily said...

Good luck!

What do you do after March when exams are over? Do you still have uni things or are you free until work starts?

dr_dyb said...

We have 2 weeks 'reading time' aka break, then back for 9 weeks preparation for practice about the practicalities of NHS work. 3 weeks in Uni - revision of managing some of the acute common ward scenarios which could not be assessed (I geuss there is a limit to what they can put in the exam), prescribing, ordering investigations etc.

Then 6 weeks shadowing the FY we take over from, nights and all, including time on receiving and doing everything an FY does except signing the Kardex.....the level of work required on this block depends on your hospital and supervisor - but basically it is all about practical skills and clinical decisions. That takes us to end of May, June is resit week and then off, Graduation & Ball at end of June, then official shadowing and NHS induction in late July as per rest of country.