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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Will to carry on

It seems I am a hard person to get hold of.......last Summer - Augusty time, I drafted my will and poewer of attorney, as advised by the solicitor when I bought my flat in 2004. Anyway, having gotten round to it, I have at various times since been on Bute, busy, and studying, so it was today before the completed Will and I coincided for a signing. Now I just have to get a doctor to sign to say that I am of relatively sound mind, and get my sister to sign the Power of Attorney and it's all go.....

Opticians at 11 as well.

Because the will guy, and Butcher boy as the witness of my signature on the will, were coming round at 9am today, after yesterdays OSCE, I spent some time tidying the flat - well tidying as in putting all notes in a big pile; and hoovering and mopping the floors, doing all the dishes and wiping the benches, and moving anything to big / annoying / strange to be tidied easily, into the bedroom, which now looks like the storage yard for a junk shop.... Can't decide if I am running out of room, or just running out of sensible storage ideas. There is a big yellow storage place not far away.... I wonder......

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PhilT81 said...

I'm hurt that you didn't give me power of attorney over you - start updating your blog more often.