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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have decided that to make my flat more homely for starting work, I need to move all my old Uni notes into stopre so that I can have the current ones in the cupboard and then clear stuff out the living room to where the current notes live.

Thus I have been today measuring up at my Safestore Unit, and providing butcher boy with a temporary storage facility for his stuff. packing stuff up however tends to lead to some values judgements about the worth of the item being packed - can it be binned? thus so far; 3 bin bags of rubbish as well as 5 boxes of stuff have been sorted - this I think is about 30% of the stuff sorted!

hopefully this will free my living area to be a living area now i will have less work to do!

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Lily said...

When you're finished you can come and sort out all of my stuff. I looked under my bed and found a mini fridge last night... and I am positive I have never owned a mini fridge!