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Friday, July 8, 2011


So after various thing have happened at work, I now feel compelled to blog again. I think I blog when I have some free time, feel strongly about stuff and most likely when unsure of the future, some or all of which are coming into play together at the moment.

Basically, I have been pondering work and such like and lloking at some fine blog posts by other medical / para-medical professionals online and pondering about stuff. Also this week I have had 5 week nights in the flat in one week for the first time since some time back in March....maybe even February.

In that time I have changed hospital, twice, changed specialty, completed the FY1 e-portfolio of CPD learning, and decided to take the plunge and apply for an MSc in Internal medicine (online distance learning) so I may get a student card again, but hopefully no student loan.

It's fair to say that I have found surgery challenging. The consultants seem more remote a lot of the time, and senior support on the wards is often spartan - but often contactable by Pager.....the ward rounds happen whenever, but daily and are usually as brief as can be, even in HDU. So I think part of me misses the support of Medicine and the ease of contacting a senior. Also working for only one or at most 2 consultants made life easier and 2-3 days between ward rounds did allow some time for completing tasks rather than the 24hr time periods.

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