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Thursday, March 15, 2007


Well prompted by other people's blogs, I thought i might start one of my own. I guess at least at the start most of you will know who I am - so this might scare you a little.

Anyway tonight was my last shift at 'Work' for 12 days, which is nice. But it wasn't a fun shift with tears, internal security in the store, staff being sacked and stuff like that. And worst of all we have no cardboard bases for pizzas, nor any hot water - I mean I ask you, how can I be expected to wash up in cold water, especially as the chicken trays didn't look they had been done in weeks.

Sometimes I wonder about my combination of work, Uni and life. One of them has to suffer and at the moment I feel that both uni and life are suffering. Still the holidays are a chance to catch up and learn all my clinical skills, the half done PBL's, and make revision notes on all of year 3, so I can learn it all before the exam. Therein lies my plan. If it happens I will be amazed.

Anyway I need to get ready for the latest Comms session tomorrow - it is on mental health issues and dealing with difficult patients, and since I;m not feeling too hot this week, it could be fun. Today's lectures were ok, since the first one was only 80 minutes not the full 120, so we went across to the hospital for coffee, and woke ourselves up before the final lecture of the day.

Anyway, further wanderings later.

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PhilT81 said...

Damn, was hoping if I read back far enough you'd have written something about the DIME quiz.