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Thursday, March 15, 2007

need sleep

Comms skills was okay, but would have been nicer on more than one hour's sleep. I had the anxiety and panic attacks station and failed to explore whether her stimuli for the attacks was real or not, but all in all the session went ok, even if the med school mistakes meant we only had half an group and had to be joined up with another group. There was also a tutor in training, so we had 3 tutors viewpoints on each scenario which was good, as the 2 visitors were GPs and my normal comms skills tutor is a pathologist so they added real world colour!

I went to the opticians and they told me I have tilted discs, apparently this isn't serious, but is a congenital thing that means that the my fields of vision are slightly off centre. It won;t affect my eyesight. In fact the good news is that my eyes are a bit better than they were. I also have allergic conjunctivitis and was advised to get eyedrops from Boots, and also to avoid wearing my contacts after swimming in them or in extremes of high temperature - hmmm I think that will be getting broken on Saturday.

Argghh the printer is out of ink. And I have no spare cartridges...One day I shall be organised, one day.

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