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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Holidays are here!

Today was the end of term - a short PBL scenario up at my hospital this term. It was worth the trek in the wind and rain as someone brought sweets. This meant we started with the traditional debate about which Cadbury minature hero is the nicest, although we had a side discussion on why people dress up as babies for sex? You may ask why on earth are 3rd year students discussing this - simple it was on the front of More magazine, which was stacked ontop of the BMJ in the seminar room. We could blame the Thursday PBL group, but I think its more likely to have been one of the consultants. We don't get teaching in that unit, so I cannot cast aspertions on their character yet!

The minature heroes meant we needed to decide who got the remainder at the end, then our unelected, but commonly agreed, leader decided to box them up for his flatmates. As we left, into driving rain, we met the other PBL group who we offered the chocolates too - so we stood, ten of us in the rain and wind, eating chocolate. It seemed like a good start to the holidays.

Walking back via the greenhouse (Med School) to collect my coursework feedback (grade B), I had that strange euphoric feeling of holidays and long hot days and carefree school times, while paddling in puddles on the side of the road and trying to stop water running down my neck.

Tonight was a work birthday so it was drinks and cake. I don't have to go back there for another 9 days, but already it is casting a shadow over my holidays with internal security enquires, staff being sacked (including the Roguish Hat) and general mess and nastiness with rumour and counter-rumour. Its not fun and you have to think that if the managers thought about it, they could handle it so much better. Anyway I'm sure my spies there (sorry friends) Little Miss P and butcher boy will protect my reputation and stop the place falling down until I return from holiday.

Tomorrow is an exciting DIME trip swimming and ice skating, followed by a 3-4 hours train ride down to see Mum and Dad for a few days - not been home for this long in nearly 3 years - so I might not be back here til Wednesday.

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