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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tesco & Banks

Why are some companies so difficult to deal with?
Tesco.com is great service - they bring far more than I could carry home from work or the tesco store and they do it for a fairly small charge. All good so far - save time, same cost. However in January they missed the delivery slot twice - once because they came on the wrong day - go figure... But because they bill your card before they leave the shop, they charged me 3 times for the same shopping. I phoned and asked for two of them to be refunded. They said "Yeh sure".

Come February's statement from the bank, no refund. So I call again and sit in a queue for a bit then the guy says "Yes of course we will do it now".

So March's statement comes - no refund.........I phoned again and they said we'll get back to you
by Friday - but no call came. So on the next Tuesday I phoned and the call centre said "we'll put you through to the store". The store asked for the details and said they would investigate - they call me back the next day saying they have done the refund.

At last, so why did it take 2 months and 10 phone calls????

Then the bank issue.

I wrote a cheque for £250, but the bank took £750. Phoning customer services resulted in an "Are you sure?" response. So they will get back to me apparently! Arghhh!


dr_dyb said...

At last, the bank got back to me and I got my £500 back..!!!!!!

Rianne said...

Good words.