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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Student Loans

Applying for a loan is fun. You get a nice thick book of instructions and 'notes' which aim to clarify the form. They then insist that you add you ID number to about 19 pages and also add bits that demand to know about your name address etc which they collected last year as well and which are surely somehow linked to your ID number on their computer system.

Thankfully this year I am considered independent, and thus they will not use my parents income to calculate my Loan - despite the fact that mum & Dad haven't given me any money in those years. Thus i only have to fill in the form, not send it to them as well. I have to say if I am in Uni or on placement in each term of Year4. Well apart from the fact that we don't have 3 terms, and we are in both Uni and on placement each term. Hopefully this means they will send me a form to claim some travel expenses which will be nice.

I'm sure they rely ion the fact that most students need their student loan in order to force us to fill in the turgid form and write N/A in all the boxes about childcare grants, dependent adults and children.

Arghh only the signatures to do now.

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