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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Children in "dog fight"

Yesterday, 4 women from Plymouth were convicted of encouraging and forcing two toddlers to fight, punch, kick, hit and use weapons against each other. This story has many of the details.

Even accepting the assertion from the defending lawyer, that they were of low education, and had violent upbringings and marriages, with obvious low-grade mental illnesses (suicide attempts, depression), the following quote about the grandmother of the children, seems unreal.

... she saw nothing wrong with what they had done as it would "toughen them up".

We all know that dealing with very young children can be challenging, and their behaviour is not always what we wouls like it to be, but forcing two toddlers to fight each other, using weapons is barbaric.

The judge sentenced them to:
a one-year suspended sentence and ordering them to do 100 hours of community work.

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