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Monday, April 23, 2007

Charity Finance

I was looking at the Just Giving website as it appeared in a link on a friends email. I was looking to see if there is a way to streamline the giving of money to DIME (a SU youth group I do the finance for). At the moment, donations have to be given to us in the form of cheque cash or a normal inter-account transfer. We are not in ourselves a registered charity, so couldn't use Just Giving, since they take their commission out of the Tax reclaim - for every £10 you give, they take about 95p and you still get £11.25 for the charity. Also the charity has to pay administration fees of £15 a month to the website, which might be a small amount if you are a medium-large sized charity, but not if you are a small one.

Looks like its back to the Ceilidh's, cake sales, treasure hunt quiz nights and bank robberies to raise money then.


PhilT81 said...

You'll be pleased to know that I gave a very generous cash donation to DIME on Sunday. I handed it over to John who accepted it with his usual level of enthusiasm and muttered something about "I think I'll take this to ASDA". If you don't believe me, Arlene will verify my story. I'm sure he'll have already spent it on cakes and pies by now. There was a considerable weight of money involved... not as much considerable weight as John, but still a considerable weight.

dr_dyb said...

No-one could give DIME a cash donation equal to the weight of John without selling their house. John instead of counting / bagging these donation himself, takes them to ASDA and uses the counting machine.

Thankfully he is honest, and any amount her spends on Cakes he will actually give to DIME in the end, when he manages to find a Bank.