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Monday, April 16, 2007


The Scottish Parliament elections are now only two weeks away. None of the parties are saying much about the junior doctors or medical schools, but a lot about NHS structure and health in general.

The 4 main parties all seem to be offering shorter waiting lists, more choice and more control over Doctors working conditions - so not much change there. The choice seems to be between a centralised NHS based on main centres, or a local service at your DGH - this in real terms means A+E closures reversed and service downgrading reversed if we have a change in government after May 3rd.

The Greens have a major focus on health, wellbeing, poverty and preventative medicine. This includes community-based care and a focus on mental health. there candidate in my constituency happens to be a Psychiatrist, so apart from the fact that he's very very very unlikely to win, I'd almost vote for him. The Scottish Christian Party haven;t even appeared to publish a manifesto on their website.

Looking forward to getting detailed manifesto's and candidate visits to quiz them...so I can make my mind up before May 3rd. Now just got my local councillor to decide on now.

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