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Monday, April 16, 2007


Bargain Number 1
My local Borders have Gray's Anatomy textbook (a facsimile not the DVD) for the Bargain of £7.99 - its 150 very large pages with lots of text and pictures (b&w line drawings).

I was very impressed and bought it. It looks like a nice read for when I have time.

Bargain Number 2
The second bargain is more related to my hobby as a tech at various charity & christian events. We often need to preview a DVD and have good control of what chapter we play etc. Often this means a separate screen with complex splitting of signals. However at the easter event we did 10 days ago, Someone provided us with a portable DVD player instead - the inbuilt screen gives a preview of the output, and the controls are push buttons on the Unit.

Thus I have spent some of my sunday buy out money from work to buy one for myself - oh and it has the added bonus of letting me watch DVD's on the move.

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