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Saturday, April 14, 2007


Now I'm not superstitious at all, in fact I think it's a load of bunkum, but yesterday did have a character all of its own.

Firstly, upon arriving at Hospital for PBL, no one arrived to facilitate. No problem we thought and did our feedback. Since most of us have or have seen a bootleg copy of the Fac notes, this wasn't a problem as we covered all we had to on MS. However, although we knew our new Scenario was on Breast cancer, we didn't have the scenario sheet to do a brainstorm or main issues list from. Someone went to see the sub-dean, but he's off on holiday and his secretary had no idea, so session over after 35 minutes.

Later at work, 3 cashiers were posted missing, so muggins got relocated over to help out for 60% of my shifts (thus doing the rest of my work in the remaining 40%). Then at about 7.15, the card machines failed. No card transactions at all were possible. Cash only. Not only have I not handled so much cash through my till in many a year, but customers were ignoring our large signs and having to go to the cashpoint after passing through the checkouts. High stress levels all round.

We also still have no hot water, no working baler and no working pizza oven at work. One day they will be fixed we are assured. Ok so in a food hygiene environment where we prepare food from raw, we have no hot water for cleaning....that has got to break some food regulations......

Time for my next valium I think!


RJ said...

It's Friday, 13th. I need one of that Valium too.

Atul said...

Generic prescribing please doctor!

Save the NHS some precious funds.

dr_dyb said...

I gave up on valium and adopted Alcohol (Ethanol) mixed with apple....or Magners as the QM call it.

the little medic said...

mmmm I could use some Magners right now, though I should be revising. hmmm