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Thursday, April 12, 2007


The wadge of money I mentioned in Back to Uni needs some explanation I think. At Res 2007 at the weekend, the organisers realised that the concrete floor might be too cold / hard for people to sit on - the event was 2h20 long and not everyone in the standing area might want to stand that long.

However, they would have to pay VAT on each cushion sold, so we invented a plan whereby I would by the cushions and sell them and donate all profit to the organisers to help cover the costs of the free event. I then phoned IKEA in Edinburgh who could only offer us 300 of the IRMA cushions. Since we had some seats, but were expecting another 2-3000 to be standing, we wanted more cushions. We thus phoned IKEA in Braehead, and ordered another 100 cushions from them.
Having spent £300 on my debit card, I was happy when we sold most of the cushions - mainly thanks to my wonderful volunteer sales team (it is amazing what people will do to get a free ticket into a free gig). Thus the pile of money is to go into the bank to cover the initial outlay to buy the cushions. We discovered interesting things, like 300 cushions fills the back of a Renault Megane (ssadly not mine), and Ikea have 525 on each delivery pallet.

I have 64 left if any wants one...or two...or twenty.


the little medic said...

Thats a lotta lotta cushions!

You're not North you're an entirely different country :D

You'll now find yourself linked from my blog, hope you don't mind :)

PhilT81 said...

I bought five and they were just for me!!! Well, maybe I gave one to a couple of my friends but we were actually sitting on the seats... I just like my comfort.