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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Old men falling over..

My GP visit today was quite good - we sat in on about 15 consultations across the 3 hours, and got to hear a different set of problems to the one's we had heard before. We even managed to diagnose a new presentation (ie the condition wasn't listed on the PC already..) It was an older tee-total guy who walks everywhere but had been falling over a lot, and sometimes blacking out as he fell. There was no history of epilepsy, and no dizziness or feeling woozy. We successfully managed to diagnose a postural hypotension by measuring his Blood Pressure when sat down and after standing for 3 minutes - he had a 30 mm Hg drop in his systolic BP.

After morning surgery, our GP let us go at 1pm, in order to focus on our Community coursework this afternoon, which I failed to start.

Oh well.

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PhilT81 said...

Is it especially tragic that I'm not a medic and I have no problem understanding exactly what all of those terms are? Next years DIME quiz should have a medical round... possibly part of which should be on pharmaceuticals... just so other members of my team 'feel' they're contributing to my victory (again).