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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thoughts on Assessment

Week 23 is turning out to be a fun week.
  • Monday was a holiday, and I slept for a lot of it. This did not help my revision.
  • A visit to my GP on Tuesday morning meant that I missed Hospital clinical practice, but my neck was really painful and stiff, but as expected I got advised that it would ease up, and to take 'brufen (or Ibuprofen as the rest of the world outside Glasgow calls it).
  • In the afternoon, we had out clinical skills session on breast examination - having now had about 15 clinical skills sessions, all of which are examinable in the OSCE I am getting very scared as I can't remember how to do some if not all of them. The session was good because for once we only had about 4 of us per manakin. Thankfully most clinical skills videos are available on the net or DVD.
  • Today we had the excitement of our OSCE briefing from a lecturer who thinks he is funny, but sadly isn't. His jokes were very lame and the rest of the talk consisted of telling us the lists of possible topics that could be covered in the OSCE. Since my GP isn't keen on practicing examinations beyond CV and respiratory, I'm very worried about the OSCE, almost as worried as I am about the real exam and especially bones....
  • However, tonight someone sent me a list of past exam questions which I can at least practice with. Not sure if they are all from our Uni, but at least it gives me something to practice with.
  • Also just remembered that we have coursework due in 2 weeks, so that will be fun. I got BB for the first piece this year, so hoping for a similar result this time.
  • Dr Amy my colleague at work, who is in the year below me at Uni has asked to see my project from Year 2 as she has know idea what to write for hers. Due to them being based on different patients, she can't use my info, but I hope the essay helps her, looking at it now, everything in it seems both obvious and complex!! How did I ever understand public policy and sociocultural medicine?

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