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Friday, April 6, 2007


Ow I woke up this morning with my head tilted to the right. Any attempt to tilt it to straight or to the left results in amazing pain. However, I can rotate it to the left, albeit at a tilt.

I'm not sure if you can spray deep heat onto your neck to relax the muscle.
Edit - I tried and it didn't help a bit..

Either way I hope it goes away before tomorrow as its all systems Go for two days doing tech stuff at Resurrection 07 at Ingliston - no not the Rave, but Scotland's largest Easter Sunday church service.

Last year's event in the Usher Hall was great and let's hope 2007 is as well.


Atul said...

Sounds like a spot of torticollis to me. Should get better by itself with a little gentle stretching, or you could medicate yourself with a little ibuprofen (max 400mg tds).

Good bit of medical revision for you there!

dr_dyb said...

Hmmm one of your colleagues gave me similar advice but without reference to the ibuprofen - apparently I looked too full iof drugs already (caffeine, paarcetamol, le joie de vie etc).

RogueDeathangel said...

I had the exact same thing on monday.
My neck is still a little bit sore when i push it to near-extremities that i could previously reach with no problems.
I also tried using deep heat (though it wasn't deep heat, it was a cream called "BenGay" which I assume works the same way)

dr_dyb said...

After two weeks, my neck is back to normal.