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Friday, April 6, 2007


Today was nice, work swapped me onto an early shift (8-1) and so when I left at one o'clock, the sun was shining, it was lovely and war, birds singing, children playing etc. Except this was a busy street, so horns blaring, buses swerving, fumes everywhere and schoolkids eating pies. However ot was good, and later on in a Beer Garden over a pint or two with some of the others from work, Little Miss P asked the dreaded question,
When are your exams?
This question strikes fear into me. The answer of 5 and a bit weeks is very scary. Can I learn 3 years of stuff in 5 and a bit weeks? Can I even learn the clinical skills for the OSCE in 5 and a bit weeks? The exam questions this year look to be in a nicer format than in the past, but as ever you need to know all the points to get the marks, and more importantly you need to know the molecular detail, the chemical interactions, and bones. I hate bones. Bone anatomy makes no sense to me whatsoever! Bones and Blood and Metabolic things and ECG and Respiratory and kidney all worry me, well those plus a few I have probably forgotten.


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