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Larbert, Scotland, United Kingdom

Monday, May 7, 2007


Last night, I was walking home about 9pm and noticed an ivy covered building with dark windows, covered in large cobwebs, misty clouds around it and a cold breeze. There was bright light shining through it as mist billowed around, and the rain started, only in one place though.

Nothing odd you might think, but the building in normally an Art Gallery.... All was made clear round the corner - half the city centre was blocked off to0 allow the filming of a new Hollywood blockbuster with Bob Hoskins and some others who I'd not heard of. They have been filming all over the city for the past week or so. The picture above may look like 'normal' life up here, but it's not - the streets are far to clean for starters.

The film is called Doomsday and is a horror film about a team of people sent to check on Scotland 30 years after a killer virus wiped out most of the population, and a huge wall was built to contain the infected area. They filmed in Greece, South Africa, oh and Scotland!

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