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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Medical Colouring books

Why is the body not colour coded?
When I use my Anatomy/Physiology colouring book, it makes life so much simpler - everything is a nice vibrant colour, and no two adjacent structures are the same colour - muscles of inspiration are a different colour to expiration etc. However, come to histology, dissection or the exam and everything is the same colour:
  • pinky white in dissesction,
  • pinky purple in histology,
  • grey in the exam as yet again we have a black and white photocopy to label.

Where do they think I get my coloured pencils?
My colouring book expects no less than 26 different colours - some I achieve using shading techniques - the only thing I learned in 3 years of high school art and 8 years of primary school art lessons. When do I find even 15 different colours?

PS. The answer to where do I get my colouring pencils was ASDA - 10 Jumbo pencils for 29p.

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Nat said...

Ooh, pretty colors... Oh, right. Hello! Dropped in on this blog by random click. Very nice. Cheers. Have a lovely day. :)