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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Getting Old

Just remembered to given my Grandad a call as today is his birthday - his 94th (I for some reason thought it was his 95th but was corrected by my Mum). He is off to the casino for dinner with friends tonight, having been out for a meal with my uncle yesterday.

He was saying that he plans to mow the lawn and plant some fruit / veggies later in the week, and is thinking of getting someone to come and repaint bits of the house as he's not sure he is up to it. The lawn is 10m by 10m in his 100ft long garden, while managing with poor eyesight and type 2 diabetes. Not only does he seem to have more energy than me, he also has a better social life!

Sometimes I think old people fall into two groups - the ones we see in hospitals / at GPs who are old, sick and chronically ill, and the rest who get on with life but are rarely seen by doctors. This I think sometimes gives Medical Students a bizarre idea of the illness burden in the elderly population.

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