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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Being Cox.

At work tonight I felt like Dr Cox. I was on with two 17yo newbies. They were being semi efficient, but both seemed not to have the sense of urgency, of pride in cleaning etc that the old timers (or Safeway old school as we call ourselves) have. They seem to not be able to cope with more than one task at a time, or clean up after themselves, or clean everything. Alongside this I had to watch them make mistakes so i could point out why the way WE do things is better than the way there were doing them. I suddenly felt very old, especially as after 2 weeks, one of them seems to be making no progress and his cleaning was at best adequate. The other was doing better.

I felt like Cox in the sense of being the old cynical one, not in terms of my ex-wife being in work with me, and sadly we have no Kelso character.


Anonymous said...

It is hereby my aim to mix some characteristics of Kelso and Jan I Tor whilst working.

dr_dyb said...

You mean a hatred for JD? An attraction to weirdo's?


Sitting in a big office doing little? A hatred for your wife and gay son?