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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

O S C E (to the tune of YMCA)

Exams are over!

Well for the moment, I might have a recall exam for my OSCE, if I was in the gap between PASS and (PASS + 5%). Hopefully I am not. I would like to think that the OSCE went well

  1. Ethics station - a man with a sickline which says Alcohol (10 min)
  2. Blood Pressure measurement
  3. History of a jaundiced patient
  4. History of a suicidal patient
  5. Peripheral vascular examination of lower limbs
  6. Respiratory examination of the back
  7. GI examination of a jaundiced patient with hepatomegaly
  8. History of a rheumatoid patient
  9. Difficult circumstances with pregnant woman drinking alcohol
  10. Comms Skills station - woman with a cough - followed by information giving for bronchoscopy. (10 min)
  11. Neurological examination of upper limb
  12. History of a woman presenting with headache
  13. Resus with a Defibrillator
  14. History of a woman with weight loss.
  15. Breast examination of a manekin.
And another 1 I have forgotten since this afternoon, and 2 5-minute rest stations.

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