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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Tonight E4 was showing the end of Series 3 of Scrubs (for those of you not paying attention, this is the episode where Turk and Carla are supposed to be getting married). JD has persuaded Elliot to leave Sean and go out with him, and then told her that he didn't love her.

Elliot was doing the whole jilted-girl-at-a-wedding thing or appeared to catch JD's attention then storm off, anyway, it all went from looking all positive and hopeful of maybe two romances, to 2 singletons and a marriage in a side-ward the day after the wedding. reception.

That hopefully means that E4 will be showing the first 2 episodes of series 4 tomorrow night. This should be good. I was very pleased with tonights timings - 2340-0040. Towards the end of last month, the scrubs double bill was slipping towards not starting til 0030, which is a touch late to watch if you are in Uni at 9 next day. Anyway it helped postpone the exam stress a little.


PhilT81 said...

You clearly go to bed far too early! How many hours of your life do you waste away sleeping?

On Saturday I went to bed before 7 and didn't get up until after 8. I know, nearly an hour and a half of sleep which means I must be getting old but I did have a busy day. I had to make sure the script was perfect and then go to the 1st service then set up for the all-age service and be shouted at by Fraser for being generally useless and not setting the default resolution on my new install of mediashout which caused the last line of some songs to disappear due to a program glitch. I did tech during the service and then it was young peoples lunch. Then I hung out with my friends before going back in to set up for the evening service where I had to do tech again before going to the wierdest and creepiest Direction I'd ever been to... more like a pagan ritualistic event with lots of chanting... ask Sheila, she was there! I finally got home at midnight. I say 'home' but it's now over a month since I've been 'there'. I'm just waiting for John to ask me to move in with him... any day now!

Lala said...

Wait till you get to season 6, i think its the funniest ever! if you want to skip ahead, go to alluc.org. Enjoy!

dr_dyb said...

I have them on download, but still like watching them on a normal TV, not a PC screen. odd that....