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Friday, June 15, 2007

Being a follower.........

Following The little medic I've decided to do this as well

Two names you go by: David, zippa, Dr Dave, Dyb, Dave-2, wee-man, the thing in the middle,

Two things you are wearing right now: T-shirt, shorts, glasses. It's warm up here!

Two things you would want (or have) in a relationship: a 43" plasma..... oh... cuddles, fun

Two of your favourite things to do: spending time online....um not really, being with friends, DIME - though that may only be a favourite as it is a rare treat

Two things you want very badly at the moment: a holiday to some mountains; to learn to drive

Two pets you have had: hubumpkins, goldfish,

Two people I would like to do this: The legendary Mt T

Two things you did last night: Went to DIME, avoided singstar

Two things you ate today: toast, tunnocks caramel log

Two people you last talked to: Father Ted, Ticket Inspector on the train

Two things you are doing tomorrow: working 7-1, then essay writing

Two longest car rides: Home to Birmingham, Home to South Wales

Two favourite holidays: Australia in 1999, Loch rannoch in 2004

Two favourite beverages: Pepsi max, Apple & mango juice

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