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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Big Brother

I tend to ignore BB, and have only a very minor interest, and in exchange it normally happens without affecting my life.

Until now.

E4 schedulers have decided that "Big Brother Live" should start at 0015 each day running through until 6am. They appear to not have noticed what used to be in the 0015-0115 slot - Scrubs.

Now I am able to understand that they were having to repeat Scrubs, since there are only 6 series, but to replace nit with BB8 for the next 10, 11, 14, 18, or however many weeks is criminal.

My only hope is that BB flops and gets pulled.


pitifulworm said...

I agree i was disgusted by this fact, who actually want to watch bb live, it terrible. I looked forward to scrubs when i got home because it was almost always a happy program. Whereas BB leaves me feeling annoyed. SORT IT OUT E4!

dr_dyb said...

Well so far, 1 person has been sent out. Only 11 to go.