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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Can I charge for advice?

Obviously as a student I am not yet an NHS employee.
Does this mean I can engage in private practice and charge for my opinion?
Without GMC registration, can I be held accountable for this advice?

Why you may ask....will in the past week, the number of health related questions I have been asked has increased, like 10-fold. And little Miss P from work has been on holiday.

It all started last weekend when the alchie of Ayr had a numb thumb, then at DIME last night, John H was asking me all about his pulled hamstring the other week where I gave advice by text. Then tonight at work, Racoline was asking about her cracked ribs (she has a past history of needing advice - trapped nerves, cracked ribs etc). Then PhilT81's blog is going on about one of his eyes changing colour, so it was back to the textbooks again to look that up.

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