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Saturday, June 9, 2007


Tonight, after work, at 10pm, my phone and wallet ended up locked in the secure cabinet at the front desk, the keys to which are in a box which is in a bigger box, which is in a bigger box etc etc etc.

Thankfully I had my housekeys.

The alchie of Ayr and I were due to be going to curlers for apple juice. This looked unlikely since I had no cash. Then in a rare moment of work managers being nice, the Duty Manager lent me £20 so we could go to the pub.

I am back in work at 7am, so should be able to liberate phone and wallet, no doubt to find a few hundred messages.

I feel very lost without my phone and worry that people are trying to call me. Or that it will have switched from vibrate to ringing mode and that will have disturbed Butcher boy on nightshift and he will have smashed the store and phone into pieces.


PhilT81 said...

I couldn't imagine a moment without my mobile phone. I don't receive a few hundred texts so much as I send a few thousand generally in the hope that someone will pay me the attention I so desperately crave and reply to me.

BB said...

I am almost offended that you think I'm so incredibly violent.

Then again, nightshift tends to bring out the rage in anyone. Myself especially.

And at that, time for bed. And if any children are too loud outside it'll time for potshots with the air rifle.