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Saturday, June 9, 2007

2 years on

In 2005, 250,000 people, on a warm July day in Edinburgh made their feeling known. [It would have been 250,001 but I had to work].

I also won tickets to the LIVE8 concert at Murrayfield, but had already arranged to take TJF to Blackpool, so Rugby girl and her brother went instead. It was my summer to miss out on the all the excitement!

In 2006, we reminded the G8 that they had made a promise to help beat poverty, starvation, AIDS, and other diseases. Unusually, the MPH campiagnw as not about fundraising, though funds were raised, it was like Band Aid and Live 8, all about people coming together from across the world behind an idea, thus giving the campaigners a mandate in the only language that politicians understand - votes.

The innovative Christian input - "Blowing the whistle on poverty".

By 2007, the story has moved to climate change.

Some people are still producing painful reminders of the world's inaction.

$600bn sounds a lot, but without a timescale, it is meaningless. Without dedicated funding it is meaningless Without them saying how much is new money, it is meaningless.

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