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Saturday, June 9, 2007


I have been hanging round with Social Scientists (Butcher Boy) & Arts students (The alchie of Ayr) for too long. I am, now drinking Twinings Traditional afternoon tea. This will earn me a rebuke from butcher Boy, who maintains that the only tea one should drink all day is Twining everyday tea. To be fair, both are superior t the Tetley in the cupboard.

How did I become a tea snob?
How did I end up thinking about my tea in greater detail than bag water cup milk?????

I blame the butcher.


BB said...

Twinings every day tea is perfect for all points, indeed, I enjoyed some during the nightshift.

Current cup of tea is Yorkshire Tea. Very pleasing but pricier than Everyday but a perfect before bed.

PhilT81 said...

The issue here though is does the milk go in before or after the tea? Haven't you seen the poll started on Bebo about this very subject? We were giving John some stick on Wednesday for putting the milk in after the tea.