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Friday, June 15, 2007

Child protection

Hmm I am today toying with issues of child protection and IT. At DIME some of the older kids wanted a thing where they can communicate with leaders online, kinda like Bebo.

Thats fine except:
  1. Bebo is open to the world and their wife and thats not conducive to kids telling you things that they might tell you at the group on a Thursday
  2. Most leaders who are on Bebo also have their friends on Bebo and that interaction may not be for the best
  3. Child protection - we cannot eb seen to be communicating 1-1 with under 16's without some way of recording messages from both sides. Even in the 16-18 group it's tricky.
So I think I have a solution - its basic, and less graphically pleasing than bebo, but it allows messages, file uploads, discussion and such like, all recorded by the 3rd party supplier.

Now maybe I should do some Uni work.

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