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Friday, June 15, 2007


Today I made £30 doing topless modelling.

I even had 55 people put their hands round my neck...... ok, only 53 (but the other 2 dropped marks by not doing so).

I was an OSCE model for the Year 2 OSCE. there were 4 test centres, and I was allocated to the PFI hospital about 25 miles away. It was an early start - 0710 train getting there at 0810 for an 0830 start.

Because it is PFI it look like a cross between an office block and a hotel - lots of potted plants and white walls and glass and lots of cleaners! We even got free coffee and scones in the morning and a lunch on top of our travel expenses and £30 payments (all tax free).

In the morning I was the model for the respiratory exam and in the afternoon for Cardiovascular.

Sexism point 1.
The male volunteers do the respiratory and cardiovascular examinations, where you have to take your top off and the female ones do the GI (pull t-shirt up) and musculoskeletal (wear shorts) ones. And the heating wasn't on and it was a touch chilly after 2 hours sat topless on a bed.

Sexism point 2
Why do girls always have cold hands??????????????????????????????????????????????
All the girls today had cold hands, as did some of the guys........some were like ice!


PhilT81 said...

Am I to assume, then, that you prefer the touch of male hands?

I find that very disturbing.

Elaine said...

I always have cold hands I am ashamed to say. But, back in the day when I was a 2nd year student, I apologised in the OSCE for my cold hands and when I put my hands on the 'patient' (read 5th year male student), he sighed and said 'oooh that's nice, it's very hot in here'. I got a bit flustered and forgot stuff! It's ok though, I still passed!

dr_dyb said...

Phil, as were ever so, your ability to twist simple statements amazes me.

This room was quite nice and cool, and some hands were just cool, but some were like ice blocks. I think it is a serious medical issue which i might self-propose an SSM into.