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Monday, June 4, 2007

The colour of blue, reminds me of you.....

Ok, ok enough of the S-club 7 song lyrics!!

It would seem that a large proportion of my female friends have weird fantasies. Involving NHS property.

Ever since I started telling people that my summer elective would be in anaesthetics and i would be spending the summer in operating theatres, wearing scrubs (I must learn that it has a lower case S!), no fewer than 4 of my friends (all female) have asked me to steal them a set of scrubs to use a pyjamas.

When I pointed out that if you are so desperate, you can buy them online, they all said "No, they must have 'Hospital property' printed on them". The world is full of some strange people, but if all my friends start appearing wearing blue scrubs, you know my kleptomania got the better of me over the summer.

Personally I blame e4, JD and Elliot. But there must be a reason why guys don;t want to sleep in scrubs?

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