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Monday, June 18, 2007

Results day

Well it is now official, for the second year running, I am a failure. Admittedly technically only 33% failure and even then only by a little bit. But even so, it means that both the last two summers I have done badly in the written exams despite passing the practical OSCE and doing quite well in the coursework.

It all seems a bit of an anticlimax, considering that:
  • I was worried that this might happen after I ran out of time to finish paper 2.
  • Most of my friends passed
  • 3 of my friends became Dr's last Friday.
  • I was looking forward to a holiday
  • I still have to complete and essay and presentation
  • The resists take place on the final 2 days of my elective (need to tell my supervisor that)
Still onwards and upwards etc.

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Elaine said...

I'm not really sure what I'm trying to say here. Other than I know what you're going through. Each time I've failed, I've kinda known it was going to happen. And this year, pretty much all of my friends are finished and that sucks quite a lot but it's given me a really good opportunity to go over a load of stuff I knew nothing about, and this will make me a better doctor in the long run. But exams at the end of the elective is rubbish, my only advice for written stuff is do lots of practice questions. And don't get too disheartened.