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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Write title, wrong song

Following Rachel's comment about my choosing the wrong song before, I think that she is right. The lyrics I quoted are the ones from the Feeling Yes, Feeling No video link pages online I think, but I'm not sure if the Scottish Office (as was) changed it when they brought it too Scotland.

The only references I can find to the 'correct' song online are like this one.....
Whose is my body? Around 1979, there used to be a radio program for children about 6PM each weekday afternoon on New York Public Radio, WNYC: "Kids America". For a long time, the program featured a song, which began and ended with: "My body's my body, nobody's but mine.... You've got your own body, let me run mine." I forget most of the middle, but I think it included such lyrics as that my body was mine to do with as I pleased.... After a while, the program stopped playing the song. I was convinced that it was because the song not only urged children to ward off undesirable approaches by strangers (which everybody thinks is a good idea...), but it also encouraged children both: (1) to find pleasure in their bodies, and (2) to reject unwanted (but not "illegal" or "immoral"!) impingements and controls by their parents[fn.15[ Go to footnote! ]] -- both of which ideas are definitely not approved of by many "conservatives". I was never able to verify it, but I always suspected that "conservatives" pressured the station to remove the song. I believe the song was replaced by something that told children to report to their parents and teachers whenever any stranger tried to approach them in a suspicious way (etc.).

However....... some sources support my original song lyric choice:....

Recognising that it's not always easy for a child to determine whether an adult's behaviour towards them is right or wrong, the Canada Film Board produced ‘Feeling Yes, Feeling No'. Some Edinburgh primary schools near my home have made use of this children's training video, with its catchy theme song: My body's nobody's body but mine. You mind your own body; let me mind mine.

Meanwhile, one source gives the clue that the 'correct' version of the song was performed by "Sneakers".
For our motto, we could appropriate a little jingle by Sneakers, that friendly clown that I remember my elementary school teachers playing for us to teach us to identify people who wanted to do us harm:

My body's nobody's body but mine
You have your own body, let me have mine.

The plot deepens.....


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