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Friday, July 27, 2007

Are faculty there to help or hinder?

Ok... the Medical school are confusing me again.

  • Term starts on Monday 27th August
  • My resits are 9-10 August
  • Results are released in week of 20-24 August.
  • My Year 4 could start with an SSM
  • I want to self propose an SSM, so I need to contact a supervisor and sort SSM details.
  • The medical school won't tell me which cohort I am in until the results are released. Thus at the moment they say I cannot plan year 4 until 3 days before it starts!

I emailed the Year 4/5 administrator today, and she has conceded to tell me that I will "start the year with an SSM if I pass" and I "can self-propose but you must inform my supervisor that the SSM is dependent on passing the resit".

Note the nice pessimism in the response from faculty!

But so far the fact that I do start with an SSM means that i now know I am in either chhort C, E, or J. So I have narrowed my choices by 25%.

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