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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Fun days out!

Today I went on a fun day out to Leeds.

Why Leeds?
a friend who works for an events company needed a box fo stuff taken to leeds to an event, but no couriers could do it.

I started and ended in Glasgow, which is where my sumer elective is. I got a train to Edinburgh (arrived 1030), met guy from the events company to collect the box, then caught the 1105 Virgin train to Oxford. it was quite quiet so i managed to get some work done and was doing Acid-Base and Metabolic Bone disease as my train crossed the border, went down past home and into deepest darkest yorkshire. I arrived (on time) in Leeds at 1415, and had a quick walk round the corner to the hotel, delivered my box to the concierge and then walked back to M&S, bought lunch and got on a train to Carlisle at 1439. This train took in the Settle & Carlisle line which has some great scenery and a cool viaduct 9not as big as the one in the Harry Potter, but nice views anyway). We crawled into Carlisle at 1728, leaving 8 minutes to go over the bridge and catch the train to Glasgow, which was quite busy with screaming children etc. I made it back to Glasgow Central at 1852. then it was just a small matter of heading home from there. 9hours 22 minutes, and about 500 miles of traveling

Tomorrow I plan to stay less than 3 miles from home!

I like having friends which allows you to do mad things. I have dug up Princes St Gardens in Edinburgh, climbed the inside of a big top, bought 400 Ikea cushions, caused traffic chaos in Edinburgh and other such madness. I like it.

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