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Friday, July 20, 2007


On Friday night, should I go to meet up with people from work for a drink, or go and stand in a big queue at Borders for a certain book? Or should I just get up early on Saturday to get the book, or wait toil after my exams by which point lots of people will have told me what the crucial plot twists and ending is.

My current thought is to buy it on Saturday at some point. Or i could go after I have been to the pub. Of course going to the pub in the first place is dependent on when i finish in ICU today, and when I have done some revision and had tea without falling asleep, which has been my fate the last two nights!


Elaine said...

Or of course you could have pre-ordered it on Amazon and saved queueing..

PhilT81 said...

Go to queue at Borders that way you can know what fate awaits Harry Potter! Are you going to cheat and read the end first? I'm not... I'm actually going to read my whole way through it without eating or sleeping.

dr_dyb said...

Elaine: I don't get any post on Saturday's, so i wouldn't get the post til Monday night!

Phil: I don;t think I will go as far as not eating / sleeping as I am quite tired. I may pace myself and complete it about Tuesday. I do have exams soon and an elective! Anyway i thought you were in an internet free area this week!