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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Elective - Day 0

Hmm night before elective and the nerves are kicking in
  • Can I find it?
I know where I am going - theatre X in building Y.
  • Will he remember?
Well he sent an email confirming the details so i guess it is more about what else may come up tomorrow morning.
  • What do I do with money keys phone etc?
I assume there will be lockers, else stuff it in a rucsac and hope. I could leave the phone and change at home and just take a ten pound note or something
  • What money will I need for lockers?
This goes against the idea of just taking a ten pound note.
  • What hours will I be doing?
  • Where will I be working?
  • Will i have time for revision?
  • What do I need to take with me?
Textbook guide, notebook, pens, ?stethoscope?

Oh well I find out what the world of Anaesthetics is like in 8 hours, and I still haven't sorted most of my to do list from yesterday yet.

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