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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

City of violence?

I took a wander down to my local Tesco metro, tonight about 9, as you do,, only to find it closed because today was a Monday Holiday, so I thought i would have to try the M&S Simply food at the station since the city-centre Somerfield and Sainsbury's close early (about 7).

As I passed along, and past a few shops, I noticed a crowd of mostly teenage girls standing outside a clothes shop on the other pavement. They looked a bit boistrous, so I adopted the age old look away and keep on walking technique. Then I looked up again about 10 seconds later as i came to cross a lane, and noticed that 3 of the girls were kicking one of the others who was lying on the ground, stretched out, making no attempt to defend herself. They seemed to be really laying into her, and I was about to get my mobile out to call the police, when a shout went up from one of the girls of "Polis".

At this about 30 people turned to look, including some kids who came out from a couple of shop / doorways, to see two policemen in hi-viz jackets as well as the body armour etc come bounding round from by the railway station. The front one started chasing the two main 'kickers' who had done a runner round into a square, and the second one stopped to see the girls who was lying on the floor not moving.

The next thing I knew, another 3 police cars came bombing down the pedistrainised street, slaloming the furniture, and pulled up, disgorging about 10 police officers, who started herding the kids up, whilst a couple took off to support the policeman who had chased the girls. One of the girls fell over some fencing around building work at a bank, and had been tackled by a passing policeman knocking her over.

I was glad the police had turned up, but then a few of the girls standing further away started saying "She's murdered her, She's killed her" which had me worried that the girl was in a bad way and needed medical help. At that point, thankfully an ambulance raced onto the scene.

All this took place in about 3-4 minutes.

Just an everyday event in the city. Unusually this occurred at 9pm on a sunny Monday in the city centre.


Elaine said...

Now I will take a bet on the place of your elective, and that is that it is about 50 miles west of where I thought that photo of where you went jogging was. Does that make sense? Anyway good luck with your elective.

dr_dyb said...

That sounds about right, and its about 80 miles South West from where your blog was set!