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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Minor panic

My head is a lovely mess of minor panics today, so as ever, readers, you can help me come up with some answers!

  • My junior elective starts Tuesday morning - I need to buy some more shirts, wash and iron them so I have enough to last a full week
  • I need a hair cut.
  • The library book still hasn't gone back yet. I must remember to drop it in on my way to my elective.
  • I have know idea what hours I will be doing as part of my elective.......which makes planning any more revision tricky.
  • I need to tell my elective supervisor that on the last 2 mornings of the elective I have resit exams, and on the 3rd Wednesday there is a revision session 10-1 that I would like to go to.
  • As well as being on elective at hospital A, I need to visit my advisor of studies over at the main Uni which is next to hospital B - a good 40 minutes away.
  • I am behind on my revision plan to cover the whole course by tomorrow night. Thsi stresses me out a lot.
  • Work have introduced new silly shifts, so I might not be going back once my leave ends as they are so silly it is unreal.
  • I was meant to have started my driving lessons by now to fit with my plan to get a car by mid-October.
  • I also need to resit my theory test as it has expired.
  • A friend is getting married next Saturday back home (over the border) and I'm not sure if I will be in hospital on my elective, or if I have time to go to the wedding, i could only be there for the church bit and the start of the evening bit anyway, before I would need to catch a train back.
And finally, despite visiting tesco yesterday, there is nothing i want to eat in the freezer or fridge. Annoying!

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