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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Random thoughts about Medical terrorism

  • In response to several requests, I have been through the timetable for years 4 & 5, but since it doesn't say if we go to Paisley RAH, I don't know if we get to do the course bomb making 101.
  • It is amusing to note though that the bombs in London failed because NHS syringes, believed to be from Paisley Royal Alexandra Hospital didn't work as the bombers had hoped. Forget about the Nu Labour slogan of 1997 which was "One day to save the NHS", it seems to be becoming "One day the NHS will save you".
  • Since we are on elective break / holidays, I haven't seen any friends who had 3rd year clinical teaching at paisley to find out if they can claim that they were taught by someone that the police have arrested. It would seem unlikely since most 3rd year teaching is Consultant odr SpR led, but you never know.
  • Faculty have sent us n email reminding us to wear ID at all times, and to be ready to state our business to anyone who challenges us.
  • The fact that it seems 8 junior doctors became terrorists is hardly an issue for me - their job wasn't material to their actions. The radicalising of young muslims though does worry me.

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