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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

SSM marks are out

I got my SSM mark back today.

It was a C. (A-D is pass) but so was the other student on the SSM's mark.

So basically neither of us were outstanding, but we went to everything, listened, took part and wrote adequate essays.

If for MMC / FY1 allocations I wanted to be in the top quarter of students at the Medical school, this might bother me, but with two years of resits, this would now be a near impossible task! So I get 2 points for the SSM.

With the new timetable, the method for calculating our positions in the year, and hence which quartile we appear in will have to change anyway.... Under the old system, in years 1 & 2 I had scored 12/28. This year I have 6/24 with just my LCP mark to come.

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