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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Year 4/5 timetable

They have moved the exams!!!!

Finals will now be in February/March 2009. This apparently allows time for resits, extra learning and health issues to be cleared up. This is good, since there had been suggestions that resits were to be removed from the final year.

We now also get a "Preparation for Practice" block to learn about FY1 year, assessment etc. However to pay for it, we only get 3 SSM's in years 4/5 before finals, with a further one after the exams.

Each teaching block now starts with a one-day academic day on campus with communication skills and clinical teaching. The idea apparently is to avoid interupting the on-site teaching blocks.

These changes also means that 9apart from resits) our formal programme ends on 22 May 2009, to be followed by 4 weeks of PRHO shadowing and Resits.

So our timetable is now (all blocks are 4 weeks long):
  • 3 Medical blocks
  • 3 Surgery blocks
  • 2 SSM before Finals
  • 1 Psychological medicine
  • 1 Obs / Gyn
  • 1 Child Health
  • 1 GP
  • one week academic week (8-14 December 07)
  • 4 week elective in summer 08
Followed by a 4 week revision / exams period (9 Feb - 13 Mar 09) and then a P for P and an SSM.

In final year we also get a 4 week Christmas holiday, and a 3 week one in 4th year.

The exact order of blocks is laid out in 10 cohorts, each of which has its advantages and its disadvantages in terms of block timings - such as starting with an SSM in September 07; having both SSMs either side of Christmas 07; starting with Obs&Gyn; having GP just before finals in winter 2009; etc.

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