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Friday, August 17, 2007


So having now got home, and with the second lot of washing trubndling away and a third one sat in a basket ready to go in, I have decided to make some home improvements....
  • Moving the living room / kitchen / study round so the desk is under the window
  • More bookcases.. I have more books...
  • a new light fitting in the living room / kitchen / study.
  • Fixing my desktop PC so it works - needs reformatting and installing windows (Butcher Boy will therefore be able to repay the effort I put into his house move!
  • My new laptop arrives soon - this one is close to dying....
  • Dry cleaning
  • dentists appointments
  • Driving lessons
  • New clothes
  • Give Blood
  • Tidy up before a parental visit on Tuesday!
Sadly I now need to go to Tesco, a Bank and a post \office. as there is no food and i am strving!

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