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Friday, August 17, 2007

Holidays and friends

This time I had to kill the time from 1pm-6.30pm (when my DIME Team meeting was due to start) so i looked up a few old friends in Edinburgh and toured the coffee shops. First up was Dr A, who was one of the medical students who intercalated on the same course that was my honours year for my BSc. he has just started as an FY1 and was telling me the joys of his rotation compared to some others who work for weeks on end without a break etc, then have 2 weeks off.
It is quite worrying that in 2 years I could be in the same situations... very worrying!

Later in the afternoon I met the blu one and magrat, and we went for coffee before the DIME meeting and had a couple of ideas which I will work on. As usual the blu one needed lots of espresso, and some headache tablets.....

The less said about the DIME meeting the better really, but as normal I left with a long list of things I think I need to sort out, including a Treasure Hunt to organise and a Ceilidh to organise. Magrat kindly gave me a lift to the station so I got home not too late (in the rain!)

I still haven't yet got hold of the Harry Potter book - WHSmiths at at teh stations I passed through didn't have any!


dr_dyb said...

PhilT81 has asked me to point out that I also spoke to him on the phone yesterday and it was the highlight of my day.

Anonymous said...

Was the meeting that bad? I'm so sorry I missed it!!

dr_dyb said...

There is also an aspect of not posting the nitty gritty of DIME meetings on the web where anyone could see it!