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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Elective - day 11

My final day in Anaesthetics came round very quickly. I was once again in plastic surgery.
The SpR who was looking after me today also had a trainee SpR with him. We went to see a few patients and do anaesthetic assessments - one lady had a suspected ejection systolic murmur (Aortic Stenosis) and she had to have an echo before her surgery.

The actual theatre list started at 10am, and because the plastic surgeon was otherwise occupied in the morning, our theatre was helping with the trauma list. So we had a haematoma evacuation to do, and a crushed finger repair. in both cases the patients had been in for a few days and so they already had venflons in, so I couldn't practice my technique.

My supervisor said that all the Anaesthatists I had been in theatre with had been pleased with my performance and said that they had enjoyed having me as a student. he wished me the best of luck in my exams, took the Elective assessment sheet off me and sent me home about 3!

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